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Charge Air Cooler - Test Kit

Are your diesel fuel costs
getting out of hand?

Did you know that your charge air cooler is the most critical component in maintaining the best fuel efficiency for your engine? The charge air cooler and turbocharger are part of a high technology induction system that improves engine combustion efficiency. When working properly, this system provides better horsepower, increased fuel efficiency and reduces engine emissions.

Many fleets don't know that they may be losing money because of a leaky charge air cooler!

A leaking charge air cooler can reduce horsepower and lower fuel economy by more than a 1/2 mile per gallon! At today's fuel prices, this can add up to a lot of money over 150,000 miles. In fact, its over $4,000 per year per truck!!!

Check your trucks using
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charge air cooler test kit

It's so easy to use that the charge air cooler can be tested while still mounted in the truck! A quick check can save you big down the road.

Symptoms of leaking charge air coolers

  • Loss Of Engine Power
  • Increased Fuel Consumption
  • Exhaust Manifold Failure
  • Premature Piston, Ring And Valve Failure
  • Elevated Coolant Temperatures
  • Turbocharger Failure
Charge air cooler leak testing
OEM rate Specifications
Caterpillar 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
Cummins (ISB, ISC, N14) 7 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
Cummins (ISX, M11) 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
Detroit Diesel 5 psi in 30 seconds @ 30 psi
International 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
Mack 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
Mercedes 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 25 psi
Volvo 5 psi in 15 seconds @ 30 psi
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