Better MPG

Better cooling = better MPG

A new DRC Cooling System has a Significant Impact on Fuel Economy

The Longer Your Fan Runs --- The Higher Your Fuel Cost!


The Purchase of a Detroit Radiator Corporation Cooling System will MORE THAN PAY FOR ITSELF in a matter of months!

At 1450 RPM (typical cruise operation), a locked-on fan can cause an 8-12% MPG penalty. With the high price of fuel, the cost of an upgraded cooling system from Detroit Radiator Corporation can be recovered in a matter of months!

Typical Heavy-Duty Fan Power Requirements:

  • 1100 RPM takes between 9-10 HP
  • 1300 RPM takes between 14-17 HP
  • 1500 RPM takes between 22-26 HP
  • 1700 RPM takes between 32-37 HP
  • 1900 RPM takes between 45-52 HP
  • 2100 RPM takes between 61-70 HP

At 1450 rpm, which is a typical cruise operation, a fan that is locked on can cause an 8-12% mpg penalty (assuming a 225 hp road load). With fuel prices at historical high levels, the cost of an upgraded cooling system from Detroit Radiator can be recovered in a matter of months.

"I love the DRC P5LPH Radiator with dimpled tubes and the PowerMax charge air cooler. It's been over 100 degrees outside for the past two days and my fan has only turned on once! WOW…this is a ‘night and day’ difference, thanks to Detroit Radiator Corporation."

- Dan Elm (KY) - After purchasing DRC’s complete cooling system upgrade for his 379 Peterbilt


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